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To-day’s highly competitive business environment, the survival of any industry depends on its ability to withstand competitor’s threats on price, quality and its timely delivery of product/services. This necessitate to integrate care the engineering input activities like cost reduction waist elimination/value engineering, quality and productivity improvements and also technology upgradation and absorption.

To achieve this, it is necessary to streamline and orchestrate all the sequential process and activities from design, process planning, production control, quality management, marketing in a co-ordinate fashion. It is a plain truth that small and medium industries cannot afford to employ specialists for each of the functions. Since we have tie ups and links with engineering professionals and business / marketing / material / financial management experts, those who are having a lot of international exposure and close association with Indian and international organizations, we can provide world-class services at an affordable rates.

At TEKNOCRATS INDIA our service activities include

cost benefit analysis
contingency plans
energy audits
related value added services.
Please feel free to contract us when you are searching for a solution for any of the following situations:
Have sufficient finance but no viable investment proposal.
Have a proposal but no finance.
Have proposal and money but no technical competency.
Have all the above but could not achieve
Quality level
Production target
Sales target
Profitability etc
If you have a strong will, we will guarantee success.
We have developed our skill set in offering highly customized solutions for our customers. Our specialized expert works are expanding in more and more industrial segments and major industrial projects. We have ‘Exclusive cells’ to handle the full range requirement of the following sectors.
Food Storage
Food preservation
Cold chain facilities.

We also undertake turnkey services for the above starting from design, system layout, equipment selection, and installation & commissioning and trial production and after sales service.

Profile Home Products Services Tech Forum Enquiry Contact Us